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Find out how the experts at ADHI tore off a hail-damaged roof and replaced it with a new Oakridge® Shingle roof, all in a day’s work—and the only thing they left behind was a very happy customer!

“Believe me I was looking for anything to nitpick about how the components were getting installed. I’m glad to report that I was not able to see one thing wrong with how that roof got installed. The project was even upgraded using synthetic felt, and starter shingles up the rakes, pro edge ridge shingles, and a six-nail pattern on the shingles to meet specifications for a higher wind protection warranty. Not only did the install exceed my expectations, but the precautionary measures that the crew took to ensure the shingles didn’t get damaged in the hot weather and the extraordinary clean up were above and beyond. I could not brag enough about this crew!”

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